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Williams and Ceci 2015: Commentary and Media Coverage


Marianne Fairbanks and Trish Andrew Collaborate on Solar Textiles

Marianne Fairbanks, MFA, Asst. Professor of Design Studies and Trisha Andrew, PhD, Asst. Professor of Chemistry are weaving science and art together to create solar textiles. The idea of incorporating solar cells into fabric is not new, but their collaboration has led to a novel manufacturing approach with potential to develop inexpensive, consumer-friendly solar textiles with varied applications. Read more here.

Barbara Bendlin publishes article on insulin resistance and memory

Barbara Bendlin, PhD, Assoc. Professor of Medicine, together with Dr. Auriel Willette of Iowa State University, and other colleagues has published an article in JAMA Neurology that used brain imaging scans to demonstrate that insulin resistance is associated with reduced metabolism of glucose in areas of the brain used to develop memories. Read more here.

Katie Yang Awarded Prestigious Gilliam Fellowship for Advanced Study from HHMI

Katie Yang, a doctoral candidate in neuroscience in the lab of otolaryngology Professor Michelle Ciucci, is one of two UW-Madison graduate students to receive an award of up to $443,000 for each of three years from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Read more here.

Patricia Brennan's 3-D Environment-Scanning Technology Helps Wisconsin Law Enforcement

Patricia Brennan, Professor of Nursing and Industrial & Systems Engineering, partners with Wisconsin law enforcement officials to create a new use for the 3-D environment scanning technology that she uses to study personal health information usage in the home. Read more here.

Nasia Safdar publishes research on infection control at UW Hospital

Nasia Safdar, MD, PhD, Assoc. Professor of Medicine and Medical Director of infection control at UW Hospital has published a study in the American Jounal of Infection Control showing that only about half of health care workers correctly remove and dispose of the personal protective equipment designed to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. The study points to the need for continuous and ongoing training and education. Read more here.

Miriam Shelef receives grant from the Doris Duke Foundation

Miriam Shelef, MD, PhD, Asst. Professor of Medicine has received a $486,000 award from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation to support her research on the genetic and immunological basis of rheumatoid arthritis. Read more here.

Laura Kiessling Discovers New Properties of Intelectin Protein

Professor of Chemistry Laura Kiessling led a team that describes the knack of a human protein known as intelectin to distinguish between our cells and those of the disease-causing microbes that invade our bodies. Read more here.

Barbara Bendlin Advances Research on Alzheimer’s

Assistant Professor of Medicine Barbara Bendlin uses "big data" to identify "connectivity differences" for Alzheimer's patients. Read more here.

Two STEMM researchers earn Outstanding Women of Color awards

Earlise Ward, Associate Professor of Nursing and Heather Johnson, Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, are among the seven receipients of the 2015 Outstanding Women of Color awards. Read more here.

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