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Marie Hicks: history shows women were foundational to the field of computing

Assistant professor of history Marie Hicks addresses the letter a former Google employee circulated. Read more here.

UW-Madison arboretum, local neighborhood works to restore oak savanna

For the past 25 years, staff at the Arboretum have been working to restore the orignal savanna of oaks in the area in partnership with neighborhood residents by removing invasive plants. Read more here.

Marín-Spiotta leads newly funded bystander intervention sexual harrassment program effort among earth, space and environmental sciences professionals

Associate professor of geography Erika Marín-Spiotta will serve as the lead principal investigator for the four-year, $1.1 million National Science Foundation ADVANCE grant. Read more here.

New paper explores biological causes of pregnancy loss

Associate professor of botany and bacteriology Anne Pringle and her colleague Dan Levitis study the role of meiosis in pregnancy loss. Read more here.

Li, winner of a DARPA Young Faculty Award, develops new computing paradigm

Assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering Jing Li is highlighted as a research rising star. Read more here.

Mosquito-spread encephalitis in 2 horses in Wisconsin

Professor of pathobiological sciences Kristen Bernard comments on transmission of encephalitis to horses and humans. Read more here.

In February, Handelsman returned to UW as the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery director

WISELI co-founder Jo Handelsman reflects on her new role at UW-Madsion. Read more here.

Niedenthal identifies 3 different types of smiles

Professor of psychology Paula Niedenthal recently published her findings of a study that identified three different smiles: reward, affiliative, and dominance. Read more here.

Natalia de Leon wins USDA grant for Genomes2Fields

Professor of agronomy Natalia de Leon studies corn genomes in order to improve yield. Read more here.

Loh models randomness of high-dimensional problems

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Statistics, Optimization Po-Ling Loh studies "noisy" data. Read more here.

Helen Blackwell, colleagues, study superbugs

Chemistry professor Helen Blackwell is working with her collaborators to limit the power of bacteria to become infectious. Read more here.

Susan Carpenter leads efforts photograph endangered bees

Native plant gardner Susan Carpenter identifies and tracks native pollinators, such as the rare rusty patched bumble bee, through photography. Read more here.

Bartholomay, Paskewitz run center to better understand, track diseases spread by mosquitos

Medical entomologist Lyric Bartholomay and Entomology department chair Susan Paskewitz direct the Upper Midwestern Center of Excellence in Vector Borne Diseases. The center recently identified Aedes albopictus, a mosquito that can transmit the Zika virus, in Wisconsin. Read more here.

Jackson, Drier develop, study origins of Chemistry through the kaliapparat

Chemist and Historian of Science Catherine M. Jackson and senior instrument specialist Tracy Drier explore the history of glass blowing for Chemistry. Read more here.

Skin replacement product enters into final clinical trial

Lynn Allen-Hoffmann, founder of Stratatech (Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals), has studies skin cells, and is about to see the company's skin replacement material enter into final clinical trials. Allen-Hoffmann is currently on leave from her professorship at UW-Madison. Read more here.

Grant awarded to School of Nursing to expand Native American enrollment

A new grant awarded to faculty members Audrey Tluczek and Mel Freitag in the School of Nursing will aid in the development of a program to admit, retain, and graduate Native American nursing students. Read more here.

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