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Enhancing Department Climate: Resources for Chairs

Tools for Effective Leaders

The Campus Climate Networking Group identified leadership as one of four areas to address at its November 5, 2002 meeting. Jeffrey Hamm and Gary Mitchell, members of the group, developed a list of actions and strategies leaders could implement to improve climate. This list continues to be useful for leaders striving to improve climate.

Engaging Everyone in the Life of the Department

The former Office of Quality Improvement (now the Office for Strategic Consulting) developed this chart that department chairs can use or customize when assigning departmental members to committees and roles in order to ensure that opportunities are well-distributed.

Campus Resources

The UW-Madison campus offers an abundance of excellent programs and a host of talented and helpful people who can assist you in your efforts to help make our campus a "positive, supportive place to work, learn, and live." The menu below provides information about and links to the many programs and people you can rely on for assistance and advice. Please click on each item in this menu to view the resources.

External Resources for Department Chairs

The Department Chair - Newsletter (published four times per year; UW-Madison NetID required)

American Council on Education (ACE) Leadership Academy for Department Chairs

Association of American Colleges and University (AACU) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence

Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA): Academic Leadership Programs: ALP and DEO UW-Madsion BTAA contacts: Mo Noonan Bischof, Associate Vice Provost, 265-4413 Michael Bernard-Donals, Vice Provost, 262-5246

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