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Searching for Excellence & Diversity®:
Workshops for Faculty Search Committees
Recruiting and Hiring Faculty

Hiring and retaining an excellent and diverse faculty is a top priority for colleges and universities nationwide.

Despite their expressed commitments to hiring an excellent and diverse faculty, faculty members serving on hiring committees typically receive little education about the search process.

Consequently, WISELI has implemented a workshop, Searching for Excellence and Diversity®, that provides faculty with information, advice, and techniques that will help them run more effective and efficient search committees, diversify their applicant pools, their interviewed candidates, the offers they make, and ultimately the new faculty they hire.

Description of the workshops

Based on concepts of active learning and peer teaching, WISELI's workshop for search committees combines brief presentations with active discussions that encourage small groups of search committee chairs and members to learn from each other’s experiences and ideas. Topics discussed in these workshops include:

WISELI uses the following publications in our workshops:

Workshops for UW-Madison

WISELI offers the workshop, Searching for Excellence and Diversity®, to search committee chairs and members in several different venues and formats:

  1. Workshops designed for schools/colleges on the UW-Madison campus in cooperation with the school's/college's Dean, Equity and Diversity Committee, Human Resources Department or other unit.
  2. Cross-college workshops for search committee members who cannot attend the workshop/s scheduled for their school/college, or for faculty serving on search committees in any other UW-Madison school/college.
  3. Department workshops: Upon request, WISELI can present a department-wide workshop.

Please see our schedule for the Fall 2015 semester and please contact us for more information.


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Published Research

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