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Searching for Excellence & Diversity®:
Workshops for Faculty Search Committees
Recruiting and Hiring Faculty

WISELI's workshop, Searching for Excellence and Diversity®, provides faculty with information, advice, and techniques for:

Workshops for UW-Madison

WISELI offers the workshop, Searching for Excellence and Diversity®, to search committee chairs and members in several different venues and formats:

  1. Workshops designed for schools/colleges on the UW-Madison campus in cooperation with the school's/college's Dean, Equity and Diversity Committee, Human Resources Department or other unit.
  2. Cross-college workshops for search committee members who cannot attend the workshop/s scheduled for their school/college, or for faculty serving on search committees in any other UW-Madison school/college.
  3. Department workshops: Upon request, WISELI can present a department-wide workshop.

Workshops are offered annually during the FALL semester, or upon request. The schedule for Fall 2017 will be posted in June/July. Please contact us for more information.

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