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Implementing Workshops for Search Committees

NOTE: Now scheduling workshops for Jan–Aug, 2016.

This all-day, “train-the trainers” style workshop is designed to help universities, university systems, and/or regional collectives develop and present their own search workshops on their campuses.

During this workshop, we will combine presenting the content of the search workshops we have developed and implemented on the UW-Madison campus with discussion of such issues as the materials, techniques, strategies, and options we use for presenting this content. We will also discuss how the faculty and staff on your campus might adapt or adopt the methodologies, techniques, materials, etc., that we use. Finally, we will provide participants with the opportunity to gain experience presenting research relevant to the search process.

Note: This workshop is most effective if you expect that those attending and participating will actually be involved in developing, conducting, organizing, or presenting future search workshops for your institution.

Description of the one-day session

Based on the principles of active learning, WISELI’s training session will engage participants in active discussions about running workshops for search committees and about the content of the workshops we have developed. This one-day training session will:

Hosting a "train the trainers" session on your campus

What WISELI will offer:

What the host/organizers should provide:

What past participants have said about this training:

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