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WISELI's Library includes over 1300 citations to books and articles relevant to the advancement and promotion of women in science and engineering.

These citations are available via the UW-Madison's RefShare Database. Information on this database, its features, and how to use it are provided below.

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Advice for Women in Academia Balancing Family and Work
Campus/Department Climate Search Committee Workshops and Hiring Process
Research on Bias Studies of Sex Differences
Sexual Harrassment Women in Higher Education
Women in Science and Engineering Women Students in Science and Engineering
Women in Medicine Women and Leadership
Race and Ethnicity in Academia Organizational/Institutional Change
Tenure Lab Management (coming soon)
Surveys (coming soon) History of Women in Science, Medicine, and Engineering (coming soon)

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About the RefShare Database

This database has the following useful features:

How to Use the RefShare Database

Viewing References

There are several options for viewing references. Use the "Switch to view" box to see references as:

Sorting References

Use the "Sort by" box located near the upper righthand corner of the screen to sort references by author, title, publication date, and other attributes

Searching for References

The RefShare database includes two search options:

Creating Bibliographies and Exporting Reference

To create a bibliography or export references into other citation managers:

More Help

The RefShare User Manual and an introductory tutorial are available under RefShare's "Help" menu.