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Eve FineEve Fine

Researcher and Director of Curriculum Development and Implementation, WISELI

Eve Fine received her Ph.D. from the History of Science Department at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Her research and teaching focus on the history of women as practitioners of science and medicine, the history of women as subjects of scientific research and/or theories, and the history of women as recipients and purveyors of medical advice.

As a researcher for WISELI, Dr. Fine relies on her historical background and training to identify and analyze research from a broad array of disciplines that pertains to contemporary women and underrepresented minorities in science, to disseminate current research to academic communities, and to participate in WISELI's ongoing research projects. She is responsible for developing and administering WISELI's workshops. These include Searching for Excellence & Diversity: A Workshop for Search Committees, and Assessing and Enhancing Department Climate: A Workshop for Department Chairs. Dr. Fine also writes WISELI's education booklets and brochures, has authored several articles and a book chapter on the history of women physicians, and is co-author of several articles on increasing the representation of women in science. Together with Jo Handelsman, PhD, Yale University, she recently published Searching for Excellence & Diversity: A Guide for Search Committees, National Edition, (2012).