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Running a Great Lab: 2007-08 Tool Kit

Session 1: Elements of a Great Lab

Session Summary (PDF)

Session 2: Hiring

Session Summary (PDF)

Session 4: Money

HHMI, Making the Right Moves – Chapter 9

  1. SnapShot overview booklet (handout)
  2. Types of funds
  3. Fiscal years
  4. Who to know lists
    1. RSP
  5. How to buy things
    1. Purchasing Services
  6. Direct/Indirect costs?
  7. Effort Reporting
    1. RSP: Effort Reporting
  8. Reporting outside activities
    1. Outside Activities Reports
  9. Campus funding opportunities
    1. Graduate School Research Funding
    2. RSP: Funding Resources and Proposal Development
  10. Campus resources for improving grant-writing skills
    1. University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health Grant Writing Resources
    2. UW Library Grants Information Collection: Proposal Writing Web Sites
    3. UW Library Grants Information Collection: Proporsal Writing – Selected Books
    4. Office of Human Resource Development Courses
  11. Budgeting
    1. Project Accounting SnapShot
    2. Project Accounting SnapShot Tutorial